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san francisco duck boat tours reservations

Ride The Ducks is a great way for your family to spend time together to see the sights or to just have some fun! Enjoy the history, the fun and the vehicle as you Travel on land and water in an amphibious vehicle crafted from the WW II DUKW, popularly dubbed “The Duck Boat”. RIDE through San Francisco’s historic streets and neighborhoods. SPLASH down into the bay and CRUISE McCovey Cove. DRIVE the duck if you want to!

Everyone has fun aboard a Ride The Ducks of San Francisco sightseeing tour. It’s the fun way for locals and visitors to see what San Francisco has to offer. Ride the Ducks combine fun and music with history and sights. Adults and seniors will have just as much fun as the kids.

Your Captain will en-tour-tain you with stories of past and present. Learn about San Francisco history, the bay, its famous personalities and its impact on the state and our nation. Find out about San Francisco’s role in film, song and sports too!

Book in advance to avoid long lines and shutouts during peak periods. Get your eticket here at a discounted rate: San Francisco Duck Boat Tours Reservations

During the land tour you will see:

  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Chinatown
  • Ghirardelli Square
  • Union Square
  • And much more
  • On the water you will see:

  • Spectacular views of the “City by the Bay”
  • AT&T Ballpark (Giants Stadium)
  • San Francisco Bay Bridge
  • McCovey Cove
  • And much more

  • san francisco duck boat tours reservations

    Satch the Trumpet Player on Grant Street

    As we were walking down Grant Street returning to Union Square from Chinatown, we stumbled upon this street performer playing his trumpet. The area was fairly deserted, with sparse foot traffic, and he was hunched over his case yelling “ahhhh… finally!” because somebody had finally thrown some money in for him. We were quite perplexed that he would choose this spot to play, because if he had ventured another three or so blocks to Powell Street, there is heavy foot traffic there and he would have wound up with a big fistful of cash.

    We stopped to talk and listen for a little while. He was somewhat incoherent, babbling variations of “I’m 69, and you know how that goes… I know all the songs but I can’t remember anything”, then he’d say “let’s see if I can find something to play” and he’d improvise for a bit. He said his name is “Satch” but, ummm… well, you know 😉 There were no other people in sight so we pretty much had our own private concert, and he sang “You Send Me” (Sam Cooke) for my daughter. He seemed genuinely surprised that we knew the song!

    The clock was spinning and we were very tired after a long day of urban adventure, so after a while we gave him a few dollars, wished him a good night, and were on our way to rest up for the next day.

    street performer satch the trumpet player near union square san francisco

    Satch plays his trumpet near union square in san francisco