F Market Streetcar Ride down Market Street

San Francisco’s vintage streetcars run from the Fisherman’s Wharf district at the northern side of town down through the financial district, and then along Market Street to Powell/Union Square, the southern edge of The Tenderloin, Civic Center, and onward to The Castro.

This view out the back window starts a few blocks west of Powell Street, passing through the southern edge of The Tenderloin along Market Street. As you can see by the types of business establishments that set up shop here, the area gets seedier and seedier from block to block, only becoming more gentrified when approaching The Castro district.

We were just visitors passing through, so we have little more to offer than this short video of the streetcar ride, but if you’re interested in more information and history of the Market Street Railway in San Francisco, visit the F-Market & Wharves Line page at streetcar.org

We had heard of the boat trams that run on this rail line but we didn’t see any, so just for the sake of completion, I dug up this short vid from Youtube: