Outside Lands Festival Windmills

Most of the staging areas at the Outside Lands Festival are named after things and places in San Francisco (Golden Gate Park itself was called “The Outside Lands” before it was developed). If you, as I did at first, saw these and wondered “well what the heck do windmills have to do with anything?”… there are two old windmills at the west end of Golden Gate Park facing Ocean Beach; the Outside Lands windmill structure pays homage to these.

outside lands windmills

outside lands festival crowd

Still early in the day; not mobbed yet, but the crowd is starting to filter in to the Polo Field.

Chocolands at Outside Lands Festival

Judging by the big sign at the entrance to Chocolands, one would think that at the end of the trail we would find a huge wonderland of tasty treats. It turned out that there were just a small handful of vendors tucked into a clearing in the trees selling cookies, brownies, and the like.

chocolands sign outside lands festival

Huge sign at the entrance to chocolands

chocolands vendor booths outside lands festival

Vendor booths

sugar skull lanterns chocolands outside lands festival golden gate park

Sugar skull lanterns

choco studio outside lands festival

Choco Studio

Lake Street Dive | Outside Lands 2015 | Photos and Video

This is what we got hurled 3,000 miles through the sky in a fiberglass projectile from Boston to San Francisco for… Lake Street Dive at beautiful Golden Gate Park! And they got assigned to the main (“Land’s End”) stage! This is probably the biggest show they’ve ever played. They were scheduled for an early time slot, so the crowd was not oppressively dense yet and we were able to get a good spot right up front about 8 feet from the guard rail.

Mike Calabrese drummer lake street dive outside lands 2015

Mike Calabrese

Badass bass player Bridget Kearney lake street dive outsdie lands 2015

Badass Bridget Kearney

Rachael Price lake street dive outside lands 2015

Rachael Price

guitarist mike mcduck olsen lake street dive outside lands 2015

Rachael and Mike “McDuck” Olsen

There was a pro camera crew filming the show, and they posted the entire set on Youtube, but it got deleted! It turned out that the video was from the feed to the big screen monitors that were mounted beside the stage, and evidently whoever had uploaded it was not supposed to. It was a very nice pro shoot; if we’re lucky they’ll see fit to release it on DVD one day.


Lake Street Dive performs “You Go Down Smooth” at Outside Lands 2015:

And a new song from their upcoming “Side Pony” album, “Close To Me”:

Leon Bridges | Outside Lands 2015

I was on a mission to bring my kids to a Lake Street Dive show in 2015, which was my prime motive for taking a trip to San Francisco for Outside Lands in the first place (we’re from Boston), but we wanted to see Leon Bridges too. As luck would have it, their set times overlapped and we were only able to catch the last few songs in Leon’s set. The Sutro staging area was mobbed, so we couldn’t get close enough to for a good view of the show. We’ll have to keep our eyes open for a chance to see him when he passes through the Boston area again.

outside lands 2015 sutro stage leon bridges

We worked our way through the crowd as far as we could… this is as close as we could get to the stage.

leon bridges at outside lands 2015

Leon Bridges performs “Brown Skin Girls” at Outside Lands 2015:

Leon Bridges KFOG interview after his Outside Lands set: