Surf’s Up on Ocean Beach

I stumbled upon this video while adding some Ocean Beach stuff on Youtube. It was quite a surprise to see, as when we were there in August, the waves/swells were only about 3 feet high, and the waters looked pretty scary then (Ocean Beach is notorious for its strong cross-currents). Judging by the height of the waves in relation to the height of the surfers here, some of the waves are about 18 feet tall, if not a bit more.

Here’s a photo that is representative of the wave heights when we visited last summer:

surf on ocean beach, san francisco, summer 2015

The surf forecast for today (January 11 2016) is 8- to 12-foot waves. You can check the surf report for daily updates at Ocean Beach Surf Report at

Seal Rocks | Ocean Beach

The Seal Rocks jut up out of the water just offshore at the north end of Ocean Beach in San Francisco, near the Cliff House. I didn’t know they were called that until I looked it up to ensure accurate information on the photos before I post them here on this site. I didn’t even see the seals (this picture was taken from about a half mile away), but sure enough, when I enlarged the pic, there they are; at least 100 of them on the rock to the left. Evidently they are pretty good climbers!

seal rocks at ocean beach, san francisco

Here is the full-size image if you want to zoom in for a better look: Ocean Beach Seal Rocks Photo

And just for kicks, we dug up an old postcard image:

ocean beach seal rocks vintage postcard

Seal Rocks vintage postcard

Tsunami Evacuation Route Signs

We saw these signs on posts along Great Highway at Ocean Beach and along Jefferson Street at Fisherman’s Wharf. OK, great… so the City of San Francisco has evacuation routes worked out for us. But the signs tell us nothing about which way to go. These signs need an arrow-shaped attachment that says “Head for the hills!” and points the way.

tsunami evacuation route sign san francisco

Tsunami Evacuation Route sign, San Francisco