Trash Alcove in Lilac Alley

graffiti in trash alcove, lilac alley san francisco
Graffiti is always the flavor of the day in this alleyway off of 24th Street in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Culture of The Crossroads Mural

culture of the crossroads, lilac alley murals
Location: Lilac Alley at 24th Street, Mission District
Artists: Estria and Marta Ayala
See more of these artist’s work at: Art by Estria and

Carlos Santana Keep The Mission Rocking Mural

“Keep the Mission rockin’…”
carlos santana, lilac alley murals
Location: Lilac Alley
Artist: Tadlock? (somewhat illegible signature)
Also see the epic Carlos Santana Mural by Mel Waters.