Chinese New Year Mural in Cypress Alley

Captioned “Wishing you a properous new year” (cropped out of photo frame).
wishing you a prosperous new year mural, cypress alley
Location: Cypress Alley, Mission District, San Francisco
Artists: MPC, TWS, Shok Wod.

Purple Haired Lady by FemOne

FemOne aka Fem1 is one of the more prolific street artists in SF, and her “bad girls” figures (we don’t know what else to call them; we tried researching to find out at least a title for this piece and we can’t find any information whatsoever on the internet about this artist other than her pen name and a few photos of her work on other websites) are found all over the place in the Mission District, including this one in Cypress Alley.
purple haired lady mural by artist femone, san francisco
Portions of tags by Quest and Writers Of Doom are seen to the left and right of the piece in this photo.

Amiri Baraka Mural by Mel Waters

“Poet, Activist, Teacher”. Located in Cypress Alley off of 24th Street in San Francisco’s Mission District, this commemorative mural is number 6 in Mel Waters’ Black History Month Portrait Project series.
amiri barake mural by mel waters, black history month portrait series
See more of this artist’s work at his website Mel Waters Art
Learn more about: Amiri Baraka – Wikipedia

Cypress Alley Graffiti

Cypress Alley runs off of 24th Street in San Francisco’s Mission District. While it contains a higher ratio of generic tagger graffiti than some of the other famous alleys, there is some mural art of remarkable quality – some of it by very well-known and respected street artists. In this photo, the view looking down from the corner of 24th:
graffiti in cypress alley, san francisco
Photos of individual art pieces in this alley are posted here: Cypress Alley.