Alamo Square Park | Painted Ladies

Alamo square is a four-block-sized park situated between Fulton and Hayes streets, in a residential neighborhood about halfway between Civic Center and Golden Gate Park. This is where we come to see the famous row of victorian homes known as “The Painted Ladies” of classic San Francisco postcard and Full-House-TV-show-opening-credits fame.

painted ladies houses alamo square san francisco

The Painted Ladies on Steiner Street

Other than checking off the Painted Ladies from your list of things to see in San Francisco, there is not much of anything else to do here. But if you are trotting around town with small children in tow, this is a good spot to plan a sitdown break for an hour or so. There is a nice enclosed kiddie playground with a latching gate where you will be able to let the little ones run and play without risk of their running off and getting lost while you sit and relax for a while. There are public restroom facilities here. If you plan on making your stop here a lunch break, be aware that there are no food vendors or stores anywhere nearby, so pack a lunch or snacks to bring with you. Also be sure to pack a light jacket or hoodie, because this is high ground and it is fairly windy and cool.

Also be aware that the hilltop in the middle of this park serves as an open-air dog park (not fenced in), with the unleashed doggie derby in progress all through the day. So if you’re scared of dogs, don’t go up the hill. Sorry!


apartment building near alamo square san francisco

Tenement building on Steiner Street ~ situated next to the painted ladies, at the top of the street.

view from alamo square san francisco

View from Alamo Square up Steiner Street, northward from where the painted ladies houses are located. Yes, this is not exactly a “postcard-worthy” image, but we are posting it here just to give a better idea of the look and feel of this area.

apartment building hayes street san francisco

Apartment building on Hayes street near Alamo Square ~ example of the contrasting architectural styles in this neighborhood.

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